Daniel Lexington      Daniel Lexington

Daniel Lexington accomplished many remarkable diverse achievements.

He invented herbal cures for Alzheimer's Disease and Migraines.

He invented a personal organizer almost two decades before smart phones hit the market.

He discovered Free Issuance Economics and wrote a book about how governments and startup companies can create all the money they need.

He discovered the Science of Types and how they fit together.

These contributions, each incredible in its own right, are just beginning to gain acceptance in society. Lexington's greatest accomplishments happened in the realm of the spiritual, which arguably lead to his other significant deeds.

Lexington continues to seek investors for any and all of his inventions.


The IMF in the Spirit Dimensions became aware that my work on the electronic personal memory organizer GENDEX would mean that I would crack the code of the dominant paradigm, and disrupt life for THE UNSEEN MODEL, or worse, everyone everywhere. So they set up the 88000 RED LINE SYSTEM of Sylph and that gradually, over the course of five years, made me lose my ability to work on the project while in California. For the last three years of this, I was not even able to think of the project at all. We made a prototype with the wrong processor and I turned it over to the Hardware engineer . Because of the IMF's Red Line System, I could not conceive a way forward.

Then there was the false arrest in which the Lunatic Pilchers of Vallejo looted and junked my car. 95 days in false imprisonment made me lose my confidence, but I did manage to finish the Gendex logic specification while in jail. The Lunatic Pilchers framed me and stole everything, including the computer which becomes a legal bomb upon erasure.

So I left California with the working 3D model of GENDEX and the entire logic specification, ready to go when there would be no such interferences. And it was not long before I played a key role in the disruption of the IMF which had chased me out of California. Then I was given THE ROBE and the Scaler. The Scaler was stolen by Don Juan, and I got very little time with it. That is how Angela Merkel and the IMF got away with holding Europe in a seventeen year recession, because me, with the influence of the Scaler, means prosperity and lots of money for most people.

The next part of the story, the reason why all GENDEX BANK shareholders are going to the Spirit Dimensions (as opposed to the Ghost Dimensions) when they die, is that the new system of the UNION OF SOVEREIGN CITIZENS (usc-currency.org ) I invented was designed on the dime of the stockholders of GENDEX BANK. And for that reason each and every one of them is regarded as a univeral hero and rewarded with immortality and wealth.

Then there was something else which stopped us from making Gendex so far. That is: what happened to my design computer, my CADKEY. A person who had been very helpful, a big shareholder , Doug Klimesh, threw away my CADKEY and the old computer when I was practicing herbal medicine in New Mexico. That cost Doug 500,000 shares. It cost me the power of my essence expression, including making the Gendex piece by piece. I will issue 15,000 shares to anyone who gives me a CADKEY computer.

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