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Daniel Lexington's life is based on spirituality and increasing consciousness.

Daniel Lexington attended Sylvan Mind Control and found it useful. He went deeper consciously and spiritually by applying himself for around a decade at the Fellowship of Friends, a Fourth Way school. He discovered The Urantia Book, and the knowledge it contained aided him later when he became able to telepathically communicate with spirit beings.

Lexington developed his economic ideas while working on producing and funding his Gendex mobile device. Although he raised over $3 million for his personal organizer, it has not yet been enough to bring to it market. He still seeks investors and offers unique substantial rewards. The integral design of the Gendex allows for it to sell well whenever it hits the market.

He claims he came down with Alzheimer's disease in his 40s from cooking with aluminum pots and pans. Luckily, he had developed his consciousness to psychically communicate with advising spirits. After a trip to the herb store, not only did he clear the contaminants causing his Alzheimer's, he discovered he had a general purpose specific herbal combination helpful for much of the population. This cure awaits investors to prove and bring to market.

Through a series of remarkable events, Lexington's seminal economic theories became known throughout all creation all the way up to the Eight Blue Doors and eventually took over after a difficult war. He was granted a title by the spiritual overseers of our planet.

Daniel Lexington is the Source of the New Economy. It's called Free Issuance and is the means whereby a national government can elude its so-called national debt. Free Issuance has already taken over in all the worlds settled in light and life, about a million trillion worlds on which there is now much more money. Free Issuance says you can issue whatever money you want, and if you do it right, without any negative consequences. Malaysia, United States, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Israel, China, India, and more all used some of Daniel Lexington's ideas and ideals about free issuance of money.

Naturally, it has not been without a struggle that this information has come out. Lexington inadvertently set off a massive manhunt for himself when on September 9, 1998 he uploaded Free Issuance information to Russia, which was having a financial catastrophe. Lexington suggested that Russia issue more rubles, rather than not pay the international loans coming due. But to the International Monetary Fund, the issuance of more rubles subverted the dominant paradigm, and that had to be stopped. It was not Lexington who was stopped, however, it was them. He was busy on the internet, sending out inside information about the little game that the IMF had been playing (for 800 years), and the Paradigm Dragon fell from the skies. As Nostradamus predicted, 'It will be seen to rain blood on the rocks.'

In the aftereffect, Daniel Lexington was named the TDRR by the Melchizedeks and replaced the Unseen Model whom he had to struggle with in a long quest to remain unknown as he surreptitiously subverted the dominant paradigm. Daniel Lexington was made TDRR at 7AM on the morning of March 20, 2000, as he awoke with the Robe being woven around him. A few moments later, the Scaler started about him. Using the Robe and knowledge of a certain chant, Lexington saved nine coal miners in Pennsylvania. Don Juan stole the Scaler from Lexington, and he couldn't get it back to be an influence about Free Issuance.

The ideas carried a great deal of power. Carried out fully, it secures a share of the economy for every individual. Because of all its good aspects, it became the core of a revolt against the system as it carried on all creation, which was, at that time, also based on tax and war.
A war in all creation we won, to replace their system with our system.

Back on Earth, the little nations started using Free Issuance information, which is owned by
Ellesys Consulting, and Lexington has not heard from them. Lexington believes he has been robbed since they have not paid commissions due him. This story about the Friends (Free Issuance) with a fistful of answers and the Enemies (tax and war) with a hide full of dominant paradigms was foretold by Nostradamus, see 5Q62.

Lexington's psychic powers were exacerbated by the conflict with the IMF, and he became a fabulous healer treating Alzheimer's, migraines and cancers. As part of his economic work, Daniel Lexington wrote one book, The Founder and the Issuer, available online.

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