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A once in all time opportunity for investors to become immortal

I became a fighter in the recent war in the Spirit Universes. The war was all about my economics, Free Issuance, replacing existing systems of tax and war. My side—the one with superlative economic ideas and ideals—won. A trillion million advanced worlds settled in light and life adopted my system and rewarded me greatly in the spirit dimensions. These worlds were so grateful that they creating a special heaven for GENDEX BANK Stockholders, a land where food, sex and fun are all the best. Investors in my Gendex company go there when we die instead of becoming sleeping survivors. Upon arriving, our survivors reclaim their looks from the age of 20. What the Gendex Shareholders get is absolutely incomparable to the lot of most, which is merely the insubstantial existence of the ghost dimensions.

I developed my economic ideas while working on producing and funding my Gendex mobile device. Because of the widespread application the Objective Banking System of Gendex Bank, its shares in the Spirit Dimensions are worth the equivalent of $1,000,000 each, in the Spirit Dimensions. If you invest a minimal amount in Gendex, you live forever and become very rich. The stockholders are going to a special paradise world with splendid support. Everyday is a great deal of fun. The highest artists of the spirit dimensions used the best stuff they had for this special world. The shareholders of DEXCOM (Banque Gende - Gendex Bank) are considered heroes and have been granted immortality.

The interactive model on our website depicts adequately the functioning of the software model. It's not late for the market, because many people will switch and buy GENDEX, since of all current organizers, it is the only organized one. It will be priced like the Blackberry.

Imhotep, once pharaoh of our planet, is now the top Executive Director at Gendex Bank of the Cosmos. He fought in the war, and like everyone else, was well paid. Free Issuance pays much better than Tax and War.

If you want to get in on the all-time good investment while available, contact

                        Daniel Lexington, TDRR IMHOLDEN KO

Times of conflict are the most interesting.
Notes from the war in the Spirit Dimensions

Thanks to his economic system superceding Tax and War, Lexington will sit on the throne once occupied by Sylph, and before him, the Catalonian. Anyone making investment at this time can expect some huge special favors.


We need to recruit some credible small nation to enable us to issue money under their limited authority. We can pay them hansomely for enabling us.

Using free issuance we can load Gendexes with money and buy people's allegience for the international USC. Anyone who can read can be given a Gendex with money in it. Gendex Bank can provide $16,000 annual welfare, as a matter of supplication on whatever they have already. Thus, If they have $6000 from salary or from their national governments, we will issue them $10,000 in FREE ISSUANCE international money. FREE ISSUANCE pays for the many Gendex units to be got into the hands of consumers. Using FREE ISSUANCE we can fund enterprizes and businesses. We can also offer to fund the budgets of many countries, keeping the government in place, while it becomes a state in the international zones of the USC. Ellessys Consulting is  to become a hotbed of Free Issuance influences. Anyone who can talk up Free Issuance gets a job with Ellesys.

Ellesys Consulting is the organization that directs application of Free Issuance. Until Ellesys can live on its own, GENDEX BANK pays for Ellesys, which will become a group of advocates who will influence world governments to use FREE ISSUANCE and pay ELLESYS. The executive directors of GENDEX BANK must nurture ELLESYS until it has the power to carry out the FREE ISSUANCE program. There is a type of interest, insofar as managing ELLESYS is concerned. Also: "Tinuvials".

If the person who gets the Robe (the new TDRR) is not in ELLESYS, then ELLESYS must find him and take him in. The TDRR will be selected as the person most capable of influencing FREE ISSUANCE into the consciousness of material beings. He will carry the burden of the Scaler. He will need a brujo to help him manage the vortex. There have been no Scalers since 2004, when, after the War In the Spirit Dimensions, it was determined that the only way to kill Markelvio (son of Sylph) was to deplete him of all the energies he got from Scalers. Perhaps he invented the Scaler. Anyhow, after he is dead there will again be robes and scalers. 


The IMF in the Spirit Dimensions became aware that my work on the electronic personal memory organizer GENDEX would mean that I would crack the code of the dominant paradigm, and disrupt life for THE UNSEEN MODEL, or worse, everyone everywhere. So they set up the 88000 RED LINE SYSTEM of Sylph and that gradually, over the course of five years, made me lose my ability to work on the project while in California. For the last three years of this, I was not even able to think of the project at all. We made a prototype with the wrong processor and I turned it over to the Hardware engineer . Because of the IMF's Red Line System, I could not conceive a way forward.
Then there was the false arrest in which the Lunatic Pilchers of Vallejo looted and junked my car. 95 days in false imprisonment made me lose my confidence, but I did manage to finish the Gendex logic specification while in jail. The Lunatic Pilchers framed me and stole everything, including the computer which becomes a legal bomb upon erasure.
So I left California with the working 3D model of GENDEX and the entire logic specification, ready to go when there would be no such interferences. And it was not long before I played a key role in the disruption of the IMF which had chased me out of California. Then I was given THE ROBE and the Scaler. The Scaler was stolen by Don Juan, and I got very little time with it. That is how Angela Merkel and the IMF got away with holding Europe in a seventeen year recession, because me, with the influence of the Scaler, means prosperity and lots of money for most people.
The next part of the story, the reason why all GENDEX BANK shareholders are going to the Spirit Dimensions (as opposed to the Ghost Dimensions) when they die, is that the new system of the UNION OF SOVEREIGN CITIZENS (usc-currency.org ) I invented was designed on the dime of the stockholders of GENDEX BANK. And for that reason each and every one of them is regarded as a univeral hero and rewarded with immortality and wealth.

Then there was something else which stopped us from making Gendex so far. That is: what happened to my design computer, my CADKEY. A person who had been very helpful, a big shareholder , Doug Klimesh, threw away my CADKEY and the old computer when I was practicing herbal medicine in New Mexico. That cost Doug 500,000 shares. It cost me the power of my essence expression, including making the Gendex piece by piece. I will issue 15,000 shares to anyone who gives me a CADKEY computer.

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